A recovery was sought, but a plateau was reached

Portada en Ingles

By Carlos Fontana
Columnist at Ámbito Financiero

If we make a comparison, we can say that yesterday's session was O.K, in spite of the that Merval index fall 0.4% and M.Ar shed 0.55%. At many points during trading there was a bullish note, not over 0.3%, but the local market lacked enough taking fuel to round off development. By mid trading, volume amounted to $12 million in cash, and it only rose to over $16 million towards closing.

*Weak content

Once again content was weak due to the difficult situation brought about by financial circumstances and the check which is causing problems in the circuit (especially concerning "bailments").

The circuit is getting more expensive when it is possible to operate overseas, and this is making our market poorer. This situation should be analysed by the authorities who took measures, which need careful consideration, in a speedy way.

Another obstacle to overcome in a weak-trend area. There are few transactions, prices wander, efforts are useless and the foreign outlook has an adverse effect on our market.

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