Country-risk rises 2.5% and reaches 624 points

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Argentine bonds in dollars were the most affected and they zoomed the country-risk to 624 points (+2.46%).

Wall Street 2.11-per cent fall had a strong negative effect on Argentine government bonds. The most affected ones were BODEN 2015, which fell 1.5 per cent and BODEN 2012, which dropped 1.1 per cent. BONAR X in dollars also fell and its yield has already reached 15 per cent.

On the other hand, bonds in pesos tolerated better the first day of the week. Discount in pesos rose to AR$109.8 (+1.20%), but with a small business volume. Some are expecting Argentine Statistics and Census Institute to change and inflation to be measured in a more honest way. Most people don't think this will happen.

Discount in pesos closed at AR$110.6 (+0.37%) at Rofex for the end of August, AR$111,20 (+0.09%) for September, and remained at AR$112,30 for October. The rest of the bonds denominated in pesos, linked to the cost of living, climbed slightly between 0.1 and 0.3 per cent. Nothing outstanding. It shows the market has lost many players during the winter holidays.

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