Cristina accuses US of “trash operation” with suitcase man case

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During a ceremony about elimination of garbage dumps, new Argentine president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner referred to "foreign policy dumps, which tragicomically show regression of seriousness and development of foreign relations."

These remarks arise after a US court unveiled yesterday that the money the Venezuelan businessman Antonini Wilson tried to sneak into Argentina last August was allegedly meant to finance Cristina's presidential campaign.

The head of state held that those "trash operations signal which kind of relation they want with countries." "They don't want friendly countries, rather employee and subordinated nations," she added.

Moreover, Cristina validated Argentina's relation with Venezuela. "This president may be a woman, but she won't let anyone pressure her. I will keep on strengthening bonds with all Latin American countries (...) as well as with the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela," she declared.

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