Farm rank and file insists on mega protest ceremony on May 25

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Feeling strong in arm wrestle with government or due to demand of rank and file, farm entities leaders rejecting official policy decided on Thursday to extend strike for six days more in the same conditions (i.e. interrupting traffic of trucks carrying grains for export).

Aggressive, these chiefs also redoubled answer to government's call to talk. However, with a detailed agenda headed by the controversial issue of sliding-scale export tariffs, key point of their complaint.

Yet, that's not all: they want a mass ceremony on May 25 next to Flag Monument in the city of Rosario. Ex kirchnerist mayors from the provinces of Entre Rios, Córdoba, Santa Fe and Buenos Aires will surely be present backing the protest.

Will farm entities let them plunge this ceremony of protest against government in dialectics of politics? Last night, the opponent Elisa Carrió stated that she would take part. Buenos Aires city mayor, Mauricio Macri, won't do the same, though lawmakers of his parliamentary caucus will go.

Entities heading this complaint hold that they are calling to a sector, not political, ceremony and they won't allow anyone to mistake them for power struggles. They even swear they invite everybody, Nestor and Cristina Kirchner included.

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