Short of breath, the market did its best

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By Carlos Fontana
Columnist for Ámbito Financiero

As the Argentinean national soccer team who dragged themselves, short of breath, in La Paz, the local exchange was also working at a high altitude.

Traders tried to get some order, prices went up and down, and at the end of the session the market closed in a bullish mood; however, this was not enough support.

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Putting the deposit certificates ($1.6 million) aside, only $16.5 million were traded in local stocks.

Merval opened trading on a bearish note due to the political conflict over Carlos Menem, to the fact that Cavallo questioned the statements of a member of his team, and to country-risk which was still high. The index fell to 411 points and then it started to rise as positive signs were given from overseas.

Finally, both Merval indexes closed almost neutral; rounding off a session which may as well be forgotten.

Testing the year's levels, hitting low levels and then rising, April's market says goodbye short of breath and with no enthusiasm.

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