Supreme Court Statement about "Punto Final and Obediencia Debida" pardon laws

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The Supreme Court of Justice met today in its usual ordinary meeting, in which, with the participation of all the justices integrating it, all the matters regularly submitted to the Court's decision, whose decisions are of public knowledge and may be required in the jurisprudence secretary, were debated.
Yet, not having being scheduled in today's program, the court addressed the matter regarding the constitutionality or unconstitutionality of the "punto final and obediencia debida" pardon laws.

The Court is aware of the opinions published in the media and also of the manifestation of other State Branches which consider the debate of these laws has a trascendental meaning and, therefore, it reveals that regarding that matter it will continue being devoted to the consideration of the case, working for that in the terms the Court itself considers necessary for all its members can pronounce with foundation and without pressures on issues that are trascendental to the national political life.

August 5, 2003.

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