Debt-swap: Italian bondholders to issue response on May 12

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Italian private group Task Force Argentina (TFA), representing 180,000 Italian bondholders with US$ 4.4 billion in defaulted bonds, has officially announced it decided to postpone its response on the Argentine debt-swap proposal until May 12th.

Last Tuesday, Nicola Stock, president of Task Force Argentina, said the group would issue a statement Thursday in relation to the Argentine debt-swap offer.

"We will announce our decision on Thursday, after analysts thoroughly analyze the Argentine offer," Stock told reporters last Tuesday.

Economy Minister Amado Boudou met Monday with Stock as part of the Italian presentation for the new defaulted debt swap

"Wholesale bondholders are the biggest beneficiaries of the Argentine proposal," Stock considered.

"Italian retail bondholders are the worst affected holders in this situation, since they bought the notes for 100 percent market value. We seek to defend them to the full," he added.

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