How far does real inflation go?

Portada en Ingles

For readers still doubting, and who in good faith tend to think that Argentine administration does not twist data, let's pay attention to the following examples: a) according to Argentine Statistics and Census Institute (INDEC, in its Spanish acronym), prices of hotel and catering business in January 2007 fell 20 per cent with respect to 2006. And this has nothing to do with a lower adjustment of trips to Cancun, as government says. Anyone who has visited Mar del Plata, Villa Gesell, Mendoza, Iguazú, Bariloche, etc., knows that accommodations have climbed or, in only few cases, remained stable; b) prepaid medical assistance, according to government, has not increased in January-February 2007. Everybody knows it has leaped around 20 per cent; c) school premiums have not risen for INDEC. Just recovery premium. So, school leaps were neither included in official index; d) trite examples of potato, which consumers could not get at INDEC September ARG$1.40 price. The same happened with tomato at ARG$3.99.

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