The rise lacked support but it was decorative


By Carlos Fontana
Columnist at Ámbito Financiero

The market could have fallen, or remained stable, but the conclusion would have been the same: there was a decorative rise in prices, Merval index reached 0.9 % and M.Ar over 1%, but the fact that there were very few orders is really alarming.

Yesterday, only $9 million were traded in local companies and small volume such as this makes the average rhythm slower: a trend set by the tax on the check and the atmosphere of strong doubt.

* Where?

Amid the economy minister's announcements, a lot of single pieces of information and rushes about some matters that do not seem so important at this moment, the market of risk seems to be asking this question.

The second poll, about the stock exchange, revealed that traders were engrossed in their thoughts for two days in a row. There was only a slight rise in prices.

Saying that volume amounted to less than $10 million implies that the market is not working at all. This is the amount each of the three main companies should be collecting. Trying to find a way out of this or reaching a conclusion is very difficult really.

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